As a group when we plan with this group there are key objectives.  They want to do better with money than their parents and their peers.  They stress they want to avoid making the same mistakes and they want to ensure their financial future is secure.

01.  SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, you must put aside 10%-20% of your income to provide adequate savings for future needs of college education for their children and adequate savings for Retirement.  If you contribute 5% to your 401k and company matches 100% you are at 10% of your goals to get to 20% of savings.

02.  Liability Protection, You must maintain proper amounts of the following coverages or face the risk of everything.

  • Liability Coverage
  • Health Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance

03.  Watch the balance of your qualified Savings and Investments. Key point is your balance correct.  Key question will your tax bracket be higher or lower when you retire?  You may want to look at the option of a Roth 401K or IRA.  You give up the deductibility today but enjoy TAX FREE income when you retire.


As a member of Generation X or Y, you have a massive amount of opportunity to plan for a very healthy retirement.  With the amount of time you have before your retirement, you can easily combine guaranteed assets with other planning options to help maximize your plan’s success.  Click the button below to schedule a free consultation today.