Retirement planning for a Baby Boomer looks much different than a retirement plan for a Millennial.  As Baby Boomers are closer to retirement, the plan requires a combination of guaranteed assets and assets geared towards growth.  Every one of our clients have different goals and different target retirement ages.  Because of this, each plan is completely different to reflect custom goals.

A.  Plan, Plan, Plan.  We provide all clients with an exhaustive Social Security Review free of charge to allow clients information to best decide when to start taking benefits.

B.  Save, Save, Save.  We specialize in INCOME PLANNING to begin the process of guaranteeing your income without the risk of the investment markets.

C.  Protect What You Have Grown.  Elder care planning.  Number one reason people run out of money is a Long Term Care event.

We look at these three areas and help people decide the right course of action for them with guarantee’s. The future is unpredictable, your plan shouldn’t be.  

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At Longevity Funding Solutions, we are committed to providing our clients with well thought out and well executed solutions.  Our team will sit with you to get a fundamental understanding of your needs and wants for retirement.  We have over sixty years of helping our clients achieve their objectives and we believe our success is due to our custom tailored approach.  Click the button below to schedule your free consultation today.