We have identified a major problem as most people don’t have an understanding of what it takes to survive throughout retirement.  This is evidenced by the surprise and emotional reactions we see from our clients when giving them an initial look at their financial picture.  A large percentage of Americans have a RETIREMENT RED LINE or an indication that they don’t have sufficient funds to draw from throughout retirement. How do we help you?  We work with our clients in a three step process.


We collect data and show our clients their current location with respect to their journey towards retirement. Most Americans that we work with, will have a RED LINE and we expect that.  It is important that our clients understand this is the base line; the beginning point of planning. An imperative area of this planning is a true understanding of our client’s current budget and their ideal budget for retirement. Taking more RISK will often create more problems.


We show clients different alternatives to remove the RED LINE from their plan. We show them three common cures to solve this problem.

  1. Complete review of Social Security by preparing a 23 page report of their choices of Social Security retirement dates.  We typical can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their retirement by choosing the right time to collect Social Security.
  2. Review when they want to stop working sometimes a client wants to retire at 65 but by working two more years will remove the RED LINE. Also clients might want to work part time to solve the problem.
  3. Cutting back on expenses can also help eliminate the RED LINE. Paying off debt with assets also happens in this area.

As you can see we help you eliminate the RED LINE you notice financial products cannot solve this problem it is a planning that eliminates the RED LINE


In Step three we have removed the RED LINE successfully and now is time to review the overall plan. Most clients have an imbalance problem of having too many assets at risk. We uncover the problem in step one, but wait till now to solve the problem. Click the button below the example to download a more in depth explanation of this scenario.

  1. Couple age 65 $800,000 of assets 98% at risk money runs out their RED LINE hits at age 88.
  2. To remove the RED LINE we changed two things. First, we cut expenses by 12% at retirement to reflect all kids will be out the house.  Second, the husband decided to consult for five years in retirement.  Cash at age 100 30,691. 12 more years of income.
  3. Reduce risk investment to 50%.  We invested $400,000 in an Index Annuity with historical results from the index cash at age $1,458,371.   


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