For over sixty years, Tim Murray and Jim Gulick, our founders, have shared with clients and acted as an advocate by educating clients on their finances.  Retirement planning as a whole can be overwhelming.  Understanding where to start can be daunting and having trust and faith in your advisor is more important now than ever.

Long term care planning is a critical planning application in today’s investment world because of the aging of the baby boomers that are currently retired or reaching retirement age and in coming years face the very real prospect of requiring some sort of long term care. Many baby boomers believe they can rely on self funding and ultimately Medicaid to provide for their long term care. This in many ways is a flawed and inefficient plan. We believe for any client this is not an appropriate planning technique and to be used only as a last resort position.

The goal of Longevity Funding Solutions is to act as your financial sherpa.  Not only do we focus on building wealth, but more importantly on you enjoying the fruits of retirement on a guaranteed basis.  We work to help you make sense of your full financial future.  Our team has years of experience helping our clients achieve their wants and needs.  Let’s schedule a consultation today to ensure you are on the right track.


Longevity Funding Solutions was founded to help solve many uncertainties with preparing for retirement.  Our team is multifaceted and we focus on YOUR goals.  We work to help connect the dots to maximize your guaranteed retirement benefits.  The future is unpredictable, your financial plan shouldn’t be.  Click the button below to schedule a free consultation.